S tier

  • Humpback Pumptrack
    • wide, don’t have to play the middle, plenty of opportunity to play a whole round without fighting others. Just paint!
  • Mahi Mahi Resort
    • it moves! Just a ton of fun, plenty of space and don’t have to be relegated to fighting in the middle.
  • Wahoo World
    • huge map, rotating thing is fun, super fun when your team is good

A tier

  • Eeltail Alley
    • several levels, plenty of space, hard to absolutely dominate on but super satisfying when you do
  • Hammerhead Bridge
    • fantastic for Splat Hammer, otherwise a bit one note and narrow
  • Marlin Airport
    • lots of fun interactive map pieces like fans and moving platforms

B tier

  • Undertow Spillway
    • narrow but plenty of height to play around with
  • Hagglefish Market
  • Crableg Capital
    • a lot of opportunity to play upstairs and downstairs
  • Mako Mart
    • old school map, pretty fun to Ultra Stamp on, plenty of options to run around and dodge

C tier

  • Inkblot Art Academy
    • it’s a map?!
  • Sturgeon Shipyard
    • comes up on repeat far too often
  • Shipshape Cargo Co.
    • a bit small and generic, but not bad
  • Bluefin Depot
    • pretty small, too many places for people to come up behind you. Watch out for the gaping hole in the middle of the map!
  • Barnacle & Dime
    • chaotic, very flat, easy to get ganged-up on

D tier

  • Um’ami Ruins
    • Pretty intense and small map, but if you’re not the first to take the middle, you’ve lost.
  • Museum d’Alfonsino
    • takes forever to get to the action, small area of actual play
  • Flounder Heights
    • it’s pretty fun to “bungee jump” off the starting point, but otherwise pretty meh map. A lot of climbing.

F tier

  • Mincemeat Metalworks
    • choke-point only kinda play, plus you can fall through the grates / fall off the map too easily, whilst getting bombarded by snipers

unplaced / need to play more

  • Scorch Gorge
  • Brinewater Springs
  • Manta Maria
  • Robo ROM-en