S Tier

  • Water Avenue River Trip Blend
    • light/medium roast
    • funky complex taste
  • Tostado Arandas
    • medium dark roast
    • pretty mild but in a lux-diner-coffee kinda way. I could drink this all day!
    • couldn’t be more opposite to River Trip Blend, but different moods require different coffees

A Tier

  • Tostado Tonala
    • medium dark roast
    • dark cherry and chocolate, pretty classic taste
  • Water Avenue Boxcar Blend
    • dark roast
    • classic taste
  • Water Avenue Mutu Batak
    • single origin from Sumatra Indonesia
    • pretty funky but fun taste
    • works pretty well with electric grinder too, no real difference from hand-ground likely since its kinda funky and has a strong flavour

B Tier

C Tier

  • Water Avenue Canoe Blend
    • medium roast
    • a bit too bitter / astringent, much more drinkable when hand ground than machine ground

D Tier

  • Stumptown Hair Bender
    • light roast
    • extremely caffeinated, too much so for me, gives me the jitters

F Tier

unplaced / need a retry