Spotify Irritations

To continue today’s theme of bitching about perfectly good things, I turn my attention to Spotify… why can’t I organize playlists? why can’t I at least view them in alphabetical order? I shouldn’t have to save an album to download it (cache it) to my mobile phone where did the queue and play history go? Those were useful, bring them back it would be especially cool if I could change the content of the right “social” panel to display the queue and play history… why can’t I collapse sections of the left panel (mainly local media…)?

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Theft of Focus

Oh Windows. I have grown up with you, loved you since a young age when I didn’t know there were any alternatives, any other ways to use a computer. While things have changed over the years, I still really enjoy using Windows. However, I have one major gripe with it (and don’t think Windows is the only guilty operating system here, there are many more I can assure you). Here’s my gripe: pop-up windows, or other applications, stealing focus of the keyboard when I’m in the middle of typing, or for any other reason.

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